RMBA reserves the right to refund for inclement weather or not! Jeeping is an all weather sport. But safe conditions for our guests is utmost.

We are designing packages for a group camping trip, lunch baskets, dinner tours and stargazing tours.

Ask us about details.


Full day: $220

Three day: starting at $600

Seven Day: starting at $1200

Guided Tours

If you are uncomfortable with or unable to drive a Jeep on mountainous terrain, but still want to get out and enjoy the scenery, we offer knowledgable and friendly guides to drive you where you want to go!

RMBA currently holds a BLM Special Recreation Permit (SRP) that permits us to guide on BLM lands. Ask us about our BLM routes.

We also provide guided “tag along trips” where YOU drive and follow us. Our presence ensures assistance if needed as you navigate the rocky, mountainous back roads through some of the most epic, scenic vistas and landscapes in North America!

We are also willing and able to share our knowledge of local history and geology. Rent a Rocky Mountain Backroads Adventure Jeep, ride with our guide, or bring your own.  Ask about our one day (24hrs,) multi-day, or larger groups.

Guide Fees: $300/one day (up to four people)

Jeep rental is not included in this price