Mud and Cleaning Fees

We love mud! We understand it’s a Jeep and there’s going to be mud out there! However, we will charge an extra $50-$150 cleaning fee if there is excessive mud dripping from the roof, hood, headlights and off the upholstery. Our goal is to be able to clean the Jeep quickly and have it ready for our next guest. Very rarely will we have to take a Jeep that is so dirty out to service it to be properly cleaned for the next customer. Circumstances that may incur extra cleaning charges may include:

  • Muddy upholstery making us unable to use the Jeep for 24 hours or the time it takes to shampoo and dry the interior
  • If a guest returns a Jeep with so much mud that it is clogging the engine, transmission, brakes or other systems of the Jeep. This will not be able to be fixed and cleaned up for the Jeep to return to service quickly.

The number one reason we post information referring to “keeping the mud off the hood and below the headlights” is in driving through deep water/mud too quickly, the motor may ingest enough water to cause severe engine and electrical damage, resulting in high recovery and repair bills. You can avoid these charges by going slow over wet terrain. Driving slowly saves the guest money, but also ensures the trails stay open for everyone’s future enjoyment.