In Case of an Accident

On occasion a driver may have a run-in with a rock or a tree branch resulting in a dented bumper or fender, or a scratch down the side of the door. Rocks do fly up and chip windshields too.  Our goal is to get the Jeep fixed and back out on the trail. The most common damage to a Jeep is usually inexpensive and can be settled immediately. If you have a minor mishap on the trail, here is what you might expect to pay:

  • Fender flare: $150
  • Bumper: $100
  • Shock: $100
  • Windshield: $250
  • Tire: $300

For more extensive damage requiring a body shop, most guests choose to submit a claim to their auto insurance company to cover the cost.

Most importantly, we want everyone to be safe and have a great time. Jeeps are replaceable. You and your family are not. This is why we offer top of the line, new model Jeeps, fully equipped for passenger safety.

The most common error is driving too fast. Many of the trails and terrain in Wyoming are rocky, rutty and narrow, with steep drop offs on one side of the trail or both. Often with changing weather conditions the trails become unpredictable.  If your are bouncing, slow down!! It’s not about how fast you get to the end of the trail and back, it’s about enjoying the Jeep journey on the backroads of Wyoming! CRAWLING SPEED IS BEST ON ROCKY, NARROW, STEEP ROADS AND TRAILS.

Our Jeeps are new and kept in excellent condition. We provide detailed trail/route information. It is unusual for our guests to encounter any difficulties or problems, but it can occasionally happen. If you have any questions or difficulties don’t hesitate to call us immediately. We are happy to answer route/trail questions, render assistance, or coordinate any recovery you may be needing.