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Rocky Mountain Backroads Adventure is your ONE STOP SHOP for a 4×4  mountain JEEP excursion in Cody, Wyoming, the heart and soul of the Rocky Mountain Region in Northwest Wyoming. So, grab your spouse, kids and friends, and plan on a one day, two day, three day or all week backroad adventure in the Shoshone National Forest, Yellowstone National Park, the Beartooth Mountain Pass, McCullough Peaks, Big Horn Mountains or the Pryor Mountain Mustang reserve located just outside of Lovell, Wyoming.

Whether you are a novice 4×4 driver or an experienced backroad enthusiast, our newer model Jeeps aim to deliver on excitement and fun! We have equipped our fleet for optimal performance and safety. Jeeps are known worldwide for their durability and dependability.

Our Jeep rentals are available by the day (24 hours) and we also offer three and seven day rate specials. Our family is proud and excited to be able to offer this new service here in Cody, Wyoming. Come out to the real west and see Wyoming for what it really is.

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